Covid-19 Exercise Drill

    Control measure are required within our factory.
    Covid-19 exercise drill has been held on 6th Oct chaired by Covid-19 Response Team’s Officer.


    • Share information on the progress of your preparation, including response capabilities, plans and procedures to identify and respond to an imported case of Covid-19 in your workplace

    • Examine and strengthen your existing plans, procedures and capabilities to manage an imported case Covid-19

    • Develop an action plan to enhcance your level of readiness, based on MOH Operational Readiness Benchmarks for Covid-19

    • Review the operation management process for a suspected case of Covid-19

    • Confirm arrangements for notification, coordination and internal communications before and after the confirmation of a Covid-19 case

    • Confirm procedures related to the management of a suspected cases before and after laboratory confirmation

    • Review plans to clarify lines of accountability (roles & responsibilities) and communication to enable a timely, well-coordinated and effective response

    • Review risk and media communications plan

    Formach Asia Internal Guideline SOP

      Social Distancing   Handwash / Disinfection (Hygiene)   Face mask   Management Guideline for Workplace Including Visitors  
      Social Distancing
      Handwash / Disinfection (Hygiene)
      Face Mask
      Management Guideline for Workplace Including Visitors  

    MOH Guideline SOP

      Simulation of Exercise Drill   Action for the Person Under Investigation (PUI)   Quarantine Session   Covid-19 Protection Gear  
      Who Should Contact   Action After Confirm PUI Cases   Close Contact of PUI Cases   Factory Sanitizing