About Us

    Formach Asia specializes in the flexible manufacturing of precision sheet metal parts since 2000. From a modest beginning, we have consistently expanded into fully-fledged manufacturing, made to order fabrication, and sheet metal processing company.

    Formach Asia invested in sophisticated machinery that revolutionize the sheet metal processing industry in Malaysia. Backed by computer-aided technology, we have the capabilities to produce intricately designed and high-quality products of all ranges for our clients.

    Precision, accuracy, and ability to meet deadlines are our utmost priority.


    Creating great values to customers by providing high quality, value-enhancing products and services.


    The preferred outsourcing partner in providing high-quality OEM services and manufacturing solutions to technology leaders.

    Core Values

    What we believe in and how we will act:

    Quality Policy

    Quality 1st Culture
    Foster a culture where quality objectives are given first priority throughout our organization.
    Understanding & Simplifying
    Believe in the science and engineering behind the process of manufacturing is key to improving the actual quality of processes
    Process Improvement & Standardization
    Building quality into and across manufacturing processes. Promoting and harmonizing practices across all departments.
    Lean Quality Operations
    Constantly measuring our quality performance through Continuous Improvement activities by reevaluating and eliminating non-values activities.
    Constant Training
    Continuous training on GMP guidelines and the applied Quality System to all staff.

    Timely delivering the highest Quality products and services to all our customers.

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